What makes Saver’s Utility different from other gas and electricity brokers?

We’re the UK’s leading commercial utility broker

We help over 40,000 UK businesses to manage and monitor their business utilities.

We’re independent

We work with wide range of business energy suppliers, so we can provide you with loads of options for your business energy, including green energy contracts. Our top priority is to help you get the right contract for your business.

We can help you beyond just securing a new contract

We provide innovative tools and smart technology to help you monitor and manage your utility usage, saving you money and helping to drive efficiency.

We’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager

We think a business gas and electricity broker should do more than simply help you with utility procurement. To give you the best advice on ways to reduce energy and water use, and save money, we provide a dedicated account manager to get to know your business. .

Analyse & Audit

We can analyse what you’re using and where, so you can make savings. We can also audit your electricity, gas and water use to help you lower your bills, realise future savings and improve your green credentials before you bid for a contract. .