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How our service works?







We undertake the complete tender process on your behalf and always be on hand to answer any queries you may have, during the procurement process and for the life of the contract.

  • Send us a list of your sites along with a signed letter of authority.
  • We gather all the information required from suppliers, undertake the full tender process, including recommendations on contract timing.
  • Review our recommendations and choose a supplier.

Once your new supply contract has been selected, we will handle your day-to-day energy requirements, from reconciliation with existing suppliers and the transfer of contracts to energy related queries and ongoing collection of consumption data. We will:

  • Ensure the smooth running of all energy negotiations
  • Be the key link in all communications between You, Your Suppliers and other Third Parties
  • Identify and resolve all your procurement queries and solve them to your satisfaction
  • Identify future trends within the market place and make recommendations of how best Energy Solutions can meet your purchasing needs.
  • Maintain a personalised and consultative service through a successful business relationship.

Energy Solutions will run detailed data checks on all the sites/meters within your portfolio. This would include meter operator agreements, connection operator agreements, HH and AQ data checks to confirm actual consumption reflects contracted consumption and so on.

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We think a business gas and electricity broker should do more than simply help you with utility procurement
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